The purpose of our advisory program is to provide a core support base at school which allows students to connect with themselves, their teachers and their peers as they build confidence, develop skills for success in school and in life, monitor their progress, and have fun.

Our purpose is:

•to ensure that each student has a faculty advocate

•to create a safe, friendly place to receive support and modeling for academic pursuit and social interaction

•to provide a forum for topics pertinent to adolescents in today’s world

•to promote coordination between home and school

Advisors are responsible for keeping track of the academic progress, social and emotional well-being of their advisees.

The following themes are explored in daily advisory periods:

  1. Creating a sense of self: creating community and team building.
  2. Developing self: Skills assessment and learning style recognition: study, time-management and decision-making skills; health and wellness; setting, monitoring and evaluating goals: personal and academic; and self-reflection and self-evaluation.
  3. Making a difference: roles responsibilities and relationships; service learning.