7th Grade

Bonjour et Bienvenue au programme de français de 7th!











Like in 6th grade, this is a very lively class with lots of exchanges with the teacher and with peers. Examples of activities are watching the lesson video, listening to tapes, doing numerous games with the intent to have students repeat the structures in a fun and purposeful way.  We do many skits where students can use what they’ve learned in a more creative way. We will be using our CD-ROMs, which contain many interactive activities corresponding exactly to the lesson students have just studied in class. We do story-telling, creative writing, cultural projects, songs, poetry, cooking, etc. 7th Grade French is a lively, communication-based course where French is spoken at all time.

Students will study the  following topics:

     -Asking questions: Detective Unit

     -Fantastic/Castle unit

     -Places: French towns and cities

     -Asking & Giving directions



     -Airplane & Airport