6th Grade

Bonjour et bienvenue au programme de français de 6th grade


This course is an introduction to the language, history, geography and culture of the French-speaking world. It is designed to foster students’ interest in learning a foreign language and prepares them for future study of French.  This course is communication based and designed to promote conversational, listening, reading & writing skills.

Students are expected to use and understand the following topics.

·        Cognates

·        alphabet                      

·        Accent marks

·        Use of articles

·        Greetings, farewells and courtesies

·        Nationalities and talking about age

·        Colors

·        Ordering/Paying in a café

·        Time                           

·        Weather

·        Months, days & seasons

·        Family

·        Daily routine

·        Activities

·        Use of subject pronouns

·        Present tense of –er verbs

·        Negation of present tense –er verbs

·        Verb + Infinitive

·        Yes/No questions

·        The verb être

·        Interrogative expressions

·        Information questions