4th Grade Updates


We are wrapping up our first unit in 4th grade French class. The theme was “J’aime/je n’aime pas” (likes & dislikes).  Students learned about 25 terms that you can see by clicking on the following Google Doc here . We are also practicing informally important grammar concepts such as verb conjugation: “j’aime” (I like), “tu aimes” (you like), “il aime” (he likes), “elle aime” (she likes). Grammar at this stage is learned implicitly. This implicit approach of teaching grammar in context makes acquisition more effective and seamless. Students will often notice the difference in forms without explanation. My approach is communication-based, so during each class, priority is given to dialogues, inquiring, answering questions, exchanging opinions, which is primarily oral-based, but do expect a lot more writing in 4th grade than previous years.

We use a variety of material, ranging from textbook lessons pertaining to our theme, to online practice websites like Quizlet or the Languagenut online program (www.languagenut.com). Each student will have an account and his/her progress and acquisition will be individually monitored and assessed.

No formal homework will be given, but students are encouraged to work at home on what has been covered in class.

I am really enjoying teaching your children for the first time this year. They are enthusiastic and motivated to learn and speak French. Bravo les élèves de 4th grade!

Au revoir!